Planned Preventative Maintenance

GCC Facilities Management provides a wide range of commercial cleaning services to suit any industry or sector, including Planned Preventative Maintenance.

What is Planned Preventative Maintenance?

Planned Preventative Maintenance is any form of maintenance scheduled to be performed on any piece of equipment or building fabric.

Within this form of maintenance, equipment and building fabric inspections and testing are undertaken at regular intervals by our fully trained operatives.

We offer a range of Planned Preventative Maintenance services, not limited to:

      • PAT testing: All portable appliances should be PAT tested every 12-24 months, depending on the appliance. This ensures that the circuitry and wiring are still safe after day to day use and will prolong the lifespan of the equipment. Our operatives are fully trained to PAT test appliances on-site to minimise disruption.
      • Legionella testing and prevention: Every facility has a responsibility to ensure that the water they use is free from traces of Legionella. Businesses can be prosecuted if they are responsible for an outbreak or cannot provide proof of compliance. We provide regular testing of water systems as well as documentation to prove compliance.
      • Steam carpet cleaning: Some industries require their carpets to be cleaned once a quarter in order to be compliant. GCC use duplex machines to steam clean these carpets. Using steam reduces the number of time operatives spend on-site and as the carpet will be dry in 20 minutes, also reduces the amount of disruption caused.

Why Choose GCC Facilities Management?

  • All team operatives are fully trained on ATEX compliant methods, COSHH and Health and Safety
  • All equipment we use is certified safe in ATEX environments and is subject to regular safety testing
  • We are the UK’s most reliable facilities management company, with a completion rate of 99.6%

  • Every job quotation is tailored to meet your needs – meaning you will never pay for a service you do not require

  • Locally managed and sourced teams and equipment

  • We have a 90% contract retention rate among our clients

  • Any issues that may arise are resolved the next working day, with the help of our 24/7 service delivery team

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    The Benefits of Planned Preventative Maintenance

    Regular inspections and testing ensure that the business is compliant with the relevant regulations. Planned Preventative Maintenance also prolongs the life of equipment, in turn reducing costs and increasing productivity.

    The highest levels of safety in the workplace can only be achieved through regular testing, ensuring the equipment is safe and working and building fabric is in the best condition possible. This could result in lower insurance premiums as well-maintained equipment and buildings are considered safer.


    I am delighted with the ongoing service GCC provide to our practice. Not only is all cleaning carried out to specification but we can now evidence this to CQC. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

    Emma, Practice Manager

    Our office is cleaner than it has ever been and our stone floors look good enough to eat off of. No more frantic tidying up when we have clients in.

    Samuel, Office Manager

    GCC come into our offices on a weekly basis and always deliver impeccable results, I honestly don’t know what we’d do without them.

    Olivia, Office Manager