Our 45 years experience means we have an extensive understanding of the importance of healthcare cleaning and our team members are fully trained to follow CQC, HIS or HIW compliant standards when performing our medical cleaning services.

The safety of your staff and patients is critical when choosing a healthcare cleaning service and is always at the forefront of our mind.


Our healthcare cleaning services can play a part in protecting you, your patients and staff from preventable Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs). Doctors, nurses, dentists and admin staff require the highest standard of cleaning in their workplace and GCC always delivers this with efficiency and effect.

We know to prevent the spread of germs and viruses is critical and more effective than treating these issues and we endeavour to always protect the health of patients, staff and visitors.

If you are looking for a dedicated cleaning team who understand your needs, no matter what you provide, give our team a call today on 0808 169 7289 for a no-obligation quote.

Infection control can be made all the more effective with a reliable and professional medical cleaning company in place. From the moment a patient walks into your facility, they expect to be in the cleanest of environments while receiving your care and we always deliver the highest-rate healthcare cleaning services.

  • CQC compliant cleaning of all areas including patient rooms, waiting areas and offices
  • Maintenance of all flooring, including carpets and hard floors
  • Office items, including keyboards, desks and telephones
  • Industry leading cleaning products and consumable goods
  • Use of EN14476 compliant chemicals in line with CQC good practice
  • Cleaning, sweeping and general maintenance of outdoor areas including car parks
  • Special attention and care is always taken around medical equipment, chemicals and supplies
  • Disposal of sharp objects and amalgam as an additional service where needed