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Commercial Cleaning Service

Local workforce.

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Welcome to GCC Facilities Management, specialists in commercial cleaning services.

We have 40 years’ experience of providing professional solutions in the facilities management industry.

We have over 2,000 commercial clients from a diverse range of business sectors across the UK, including healthcare, education, commerce and hospitality.

Our aim is to work in partnership to provide tailor-made commercial cleaning services for each of our clients, in a professional, quality-driven fashion.



Office Cleaning

We understand the importance of having a clean commercial property for both clients and staff. Having a consistent commercial cleaning service is integral to the well being of employees. So we take genuine pride in our work in continuously striving to deliver an optimal, healthy working environment. This we feel is reflected in the results delivered, so we hope you’ll be delighted with the details of our commercial cleaning services.

Our contract cleaning is suited to your needs and requirements. Whether you are a small office or a large commercial business, we are accomplished in delivering tailored and effective commercial cleaning service. We understand that office hours are very busy, so we will arrange our timings around your schedule in order for our professionally trained cleaners to deliver an efficient and thorough cleaning service. This tailor-made approach to our professional cleaning services ensures you get exactly what you need most.

Commercial Cleaning

All GCC team members are trained in best commercial cleaning methods including colour coded cleaning, Health & Safety and COSHH as well as environmental training.

Each site has a tailor made cleaning specification to meet your requirements and all our team members are sourced and managed locally.

Our business model may be able to save VAT exempt companies up to 20% off our services. Our contract retention rate is 90%, which means we have a lot of happy clients.

GCC provide a 24/7 customer service helpline ensuring that any issues that arise are resolved the following working day.

Daily Office Cleaning

We provide daily office cleaning services to many businesses. Continuous daily cleaning allows you to maintain the working environment your staff and visitors to your premises require and expect. We understand the importance of having a clean environment to staff wellbeing. With this service along with our quality-focused approach, your office will always look presentable.

We take deep pride in our professional and tailored approach to managing and maintaining our clients’ daily cleaning needs. Our staff are well trained experienced experts, consistently striving to deliver best results. To get a free quote for office cleaning services in please get in touch.

Contract Cleaning

We offer a full range professional contract cleaning services to our clients in London and all over the UK. We have a flexible approach and our range of services are comprehensive and can be tailored to suit your needs.


Daily Cleaning

After over 40 years of corporate cleaning services, we have built our reputation on providing the most competitively-priced office cleaning services in the UK


Office Cleaning

Notwithstanding how large or small your business premises or budget is, an office cleaning plan can be tailored to suit your business need.