The clocks are due to go forward soon and the nights are getting shorter and, if we’re lucky it can even mean warmer days with lots of sunshine. Unfortunately one of the downsides of the sun streaming in through windows and open doors is that you suddenly notice where winter grime has built up and tackling it can seem a daunting, time-consuming project. And we all know that you just can’t do “a bit” – it only makes the “bits” you haven’t done even worse.

But it’s not just our homes that can do with a spruce-up – our workplace can also benefit from some special attention too. A daily or weekly clean deals with day-to-day dust and grime but it is worth considering a declutter along with a deep clean to freshen up your work area. All professional cleaning companies should have a specification of what jobs they undertake and the schedule of those jobs. They may also provide you with a work plan of less frequent jobs that they recommend are carried out and suggested frequency, it’s worth reviewing your specification to make sure you are getting what you pay for and reviewing the frequency if you feel that these are too far apart.

Modern cleaning methods can also mean that jobs that had to be done over weekends to allow for drying times and loud machinery can now be done using a dry or steam method (depending on the composition), can be undertaken during working hours around your colleagues.

Jobs to be considered in a spring clean:

Carpet clean
Hard floor maintenance
Window cleaning
Internal window cleaning
Grounds maintenance
Gutter cleaning
High level cleaning
Curtain and upholstery cleaning

GCC Facilities Management have 40 years’ experience of providing professional solutions in the facilities management industry. We have over 2,000 commercial clients from a diverse range of business sectors across the UK, including healthcare, education, commerce and hospitality. Our aim is to work in partnership to provide tailor-made commercial cleaning services for each of our clients, in a professional, quality-driven fashion.

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