Home offices are more common than ever and it looks like they’re here to stay for the foreseeable future. A few months ago, many of us simply settled for a space at the kitchen table or a make-shift office table created from ironing boards. We also had to clean the space ourselves and didn’t have the luxury of having it cleaned by a commercial cleaning services provider at the end of the day.

But now that working from home has spanned far longer than any of us anticipated, it’s time to make those changes into a permanent home office space. One thing we can do to make our space feel more comfortable, whilst also keeping in line with our homes, is looking into how to decorate an office.

Injecting personality into these spaces can create a more enjoyable work environment and, with a more positive atmosphere, our creativity and productivity are both boosted. So, we are going to look into how to decorate an office at home.

1.The Desk

The one item every home office has in common is a desk or at least some form of surface. Look no further for tips on how to decorate your office table.

No matter what size surface you are using, there is still the ability to put your stamp on the space.

What many of us are struggling with is making the most of a small space and even having to share a surface with family members who are also working from home. Create a clear divide between any shared space to ensure clutter does not spill over between space.

Read our tips on how to declutter your desk before you consider any decoration.

Now it’s time to start getting creative, your desk may be lacking in lustre, especially if you have had to purchase an inexpensive piece to ‘make do’ during the pandemic.

Turn it into a statement piece by adding decorative vinyl or wallpaper with a layer of sealant on top. There are plenty of variations available online, from faux marble, floral and even comic book themes.

Next, look into getting a desk tidy, not only will this keep your small space organised, they are available in every different colour, size and shape.

2.Utilise Height

Even the smallest office space can be maximised by thinking upwards. Floating shelves and cabinets not only provide storage space but with the right accessories, they can provide a tranquil space.

Even the most unsightly of folders, files and other work-related items can be displayed well with the right complementing items. Figurines, ornaments and candles can draw the eye to these items instead.

Hanging wall art can make a huge difference and can also be practical. Video calling is commonly used on a daily basis now and you may not have a neutral wall to use as a background.

Look into tasteful wall art and posters that can provide a pleasing aesthetic and also a professional background.

3.Brighten Up

Lamps and statement lampshades not only provide a great look, but also can help with your concentration while working.

Poor lighting can impact our eyesight and cause long-term effects if not properly addressed, teamed with staring at a screen all day, it can cause a lot of eye stress.

Natural lighting is always best but this isn’t always available, especially with many of us using basements and garages as our new working space. Get yourself a statement lamp to brighten the place up.

4.Go Green

Plants are not only decorative but also oxygenate the room. Studies have shown greenery in the office can increase productivity by 15 per cent.

The great thing about plants is they come in all sizes so you can easily fit one in a small office space. Peace lilies are a popular choice as they don’t need a lot of light and remove toxins from the air.

Team with a decorative plant pot and you’ll have a beautiful office accessory.

5.Make It Homely

The upside of a home office is you don’t have to keep in line with the corporate look of a standard office, put your own stamp on it.

Your home office is likely to be used for recreational purposes as well so tie the two together.

Colour-matching cushions and small rugs can tie a room together and provide comfort while working but also keep the place homely during non-working hours.

These small and simple touches can make a huge difference in your home office.

6.Pick A Colour Scheme

Small spaces can quickly look cluttered, however, there are many essential items we simply can’t get rid of.

You can trick the eye by being clever with your colour scheme, choosing a neutral colour such as grey, navy and white can keep everything looking neat.

Then you can add a pop of colour with accessories, like your cushions, plant pots, vases or even coasters and pen pots.

This creates a chic look and draws the eye to your accessories and removes focus from larger items and clutter.

7.Keep Photos Simple

Having photos of loved ones and special memories is wonderful in a home office. It reminds us of why we work so hard to provide for these family members, while also reminding us of happy times during stressful days.

These photos can also take up a lot of space. Instead of having numerous pictures dotted around the workspace, get a digital photo frame.

This means you have all your photos in one place in a rotating slideshow and it takes up just a fraction of your desk.

8.Hide It Away

If your home office impedes your recreational areas, hide it away. Use an alcove for your desk to sit in and install a new door to create a cupboard.
This means, when you are done with your working day, you can simply hide your desk behind this door and remove any stressful thoughts of work.

If you don’t have this space, consider a hinged, wall-mounted desk. You will have to remove your desk items to fold this back up but this can actually act as a bonus. Always having to do this means you will find it easier to keep your desk clutter-free.

So, if you’ve been wondering how to decorate your office at home, you should now be able to take inspiration from the above and turn your once temporary office space, into a tranquil working area.