Computer maintenance is important not only to protect the computer and its value, but to also give a professional image. If you have business partners or clients coming to your desk, a tidy and clean environment is key – pardon the pun. Start by making sure your keyboard is sparkling clean to give the right impression. If you look to outsource your commercial cleaning services, then you should be sure that this is included if possible. If you are after office cleaning in London or throughout the UK, then please get in touch.

Want to know how to clean a keyboard with inexpensive methods? Read on!

How to Clean a Keyboard: The Seven Easy Ways

Some of the methods below can be used to get rid of all debris, paperclips, sandwich crumbs and dirt. Others may be more effective when used in combination with some of the other methods listed. You may be more inclined to do a number of these methods together when you find out that your keyboard may have 400 times more bacteria in it than a toilet seat.

The Tilt and Shake

One of the most basic ways to remove keyboard dirt is to manually shake it out. To do this safely you must first disconnect it from the computer and make sure it is turned off. Then tilt the keyboard upside down and gently shake the keyboard over your desk, or even better, over a bin.

Using Compressed Air

For a slightly more thorough method, you can use the method above but instead of shaking the debris out from between the keys you can blow them out. For this you will need to grab some compressed air, which can usually be bought from office supply shops. Remember to tilt the canister at an angle before using or you may just push the debris further into the keyboard.

Time for Some Gentle Vacuuming

It has also been known that a vacuum can also work well at removing dirt from a keyboard. You will need the right type of attachment to make this method effective, namely a smaller hose attachment or even a brush attachment. Keys can be sucked up into vacuum cleaners so it’s important that they are on the lowest setting and tested before applying it to the keyboard. There are some mini desktop vacuums which are effective.

Cotton Buds and Isopropyl Alcohol

Okay – so this one is better for desktop keyboards with raised keys because a laptop or Mac’s keys have the hardware very close to the surface. Simply dampen a cotton bud with isopropyl alcohol and start cleaning in the small crevices between the keys. Isopropyl alcohol is a better choice than water because it dries quicker and is therefore safer.

If you haven’t got any cotton buds to hand, try wrapping some microfibre cloth around a knife and adding the isopropyl alcohol.

Get Some Flubber

Flubber isn’t exactly the name of the product we are referring to but if you remember Robin Williams’s classic film then it will give you an idea of the product we are talking about. Many gooey like products have been designed specifically to be moulded over your keyboard and pick up all the dirt.

There are other specific products like these in the form of wipes that are easy to get hold of and quite effective.

Hunt Down Some Clear Tape

Using the same sticky principle as the flubber method, clear tape can also do the trick. Simply apply clear tape to all the in-between spaces of the keys, making sure to wedge it in the small openings. When you remove the tape it should also bring off dust and small pieces of dirt and debris.

Call in the Pros

Sometimes your keyboard may be especially dirty, or some debris may have gotten wedged between keys and are difficult to remove. Instead of risking the condition of your keyboard in these circumstances, it may be better to go to a tech store that can remove keys safely and give it a professional clean.

Before doing this always consult your warranty to ensure using one of these services doesn’t invalidate your current warranty. It is not recommended to take the keyboard apart yourself unless you really know what you are doing.

Don’t Forget the Rest!

A clean keyboard is just the start if you want a professional and tranquil office space. Unfortunately, cleaning the rest of the office is not as quick and easy as the methods to clean a keyboard. However, you can outsource this responsibility to a renowned office cleaning company.

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