A study carried out by Cardiff University has been widely reported in the UK press that detergent wipes may be spreading particular bacteria in medical settings.

NHS Choices has published a report explaining that the research was carried out in a laboratory setting only and the preferred “one wipe, one surface, one direction approach,” was acknowledged but they suspect people use the wipes on multiple surfaces in reality.

“Researchers tested seven commonly used wipes and found they varied a lot in their ability to kill the bugs. More worryingly, it looked like the wipes were picking up the germs rather than killing them – in almost all the wipes tested, the bugs were spread if they were used on a different surface.”

Although questions have been raised about how the research was carried out, it does highlight that having approved products and processes in place does not guarantee that they will be used in the correct way.

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For the full NHS Choices report “Wet wipes may help spread hospital bugs”