Care Quality Commission requires all healthcare and related industries demonstrate through evidence that they are Outcome 8 compliant.

Many healthcare practitioners find that the responsibility of training and managing their cleaning staff to meet the CQC Guidelines is impacting on their time and other parts of their business and are looking to outsource to a reputable commercial cleaning contractor.

GCC has the experience and training to ensuring compliance with CQC Cleanliness and Infection Control.

Our clients within the healthcare and related industries trust GCC to keep them Outcome 8 compliant. Providers need to stay up to date to avoid fines, damage to your reputation or, ultimately, closure.

Outcome 8 can be summarised very simply, The CQC will expect you to demonstrate:

  • That you and your staff are aware of the importance of cleanliness and infection control.
  • That they have been trained in the role they can play in ensuring service users experience care in a clean environment and are protected from acquiring infections.
  • That they are able to use this knowledge to strive to continually improve standards of cleanliness and infection control.
  • That they have the correct tools at their disposal to accomplish this – be it chemicals, soaps, paper, gloves – and understanding what to use when.