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Coventry Office and Commercial Cleaning Services

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With a UK-wide reach, GCC Facilities Management has been operating in the cleaning services sector for over 40 years. GCC has built up a wealth of experience and has developed long-lasting relations with customers. Since the beginning, we have invested in the training of our cleaners which has resulted in a highly professional team of experts delivering a tailored and high standard quality service to your business, whether you are located in Coventry or elsewhere in the UK.

Commercial Cleaning Services

The team at GCC Facilities Management also offers a wide range of commercial cleaning services for different types of commercial properties, depending on your requirements. Our cleaning professionals are trained in the best cleaning methods including colour coded cleaning, Health & Safety and COSHH, as well as environmental training.

Why choose GCC Commercial Cleaning

  • All GCC team members are trained in best cleaning methods including colour coded cleaning, Health & Safety and COSHH as well as environmental training.

  • Each site has a tailor-made cleaning specification to meet client requirements; working in partnership to find the best solution.

  • All team members are sourced and managed locally.

  • Our business model may be able to save VAT exempt companies up to 20% off our services.

  • Our contract retention rate is 90%, which means we have a lot of happy clients.

  • GCC provide a 24/7 customer service helpline ensuring that any issues that arise are resolved the following working day.

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Daily Office Cleaning in Coventry

We understand the challenges to sustaining a clean office environment when you are focusing on other, more important aspects of your business. At GCC, we provide daily office cleaning services for your business, not just in Coventry but throughout the UK. Our expert cleaners are highly trained and equally motivated to deliver an effective, yet tailored, daily clean to your office.

Commercial Contract Cleaning in Coventry

To keep your office space neat and clean we highly recommend you to get a commercial cleaning contract.

When you sign a commercial cleaning contract with us, we guarantee an effective and efficient cleaning solution for your business, made by our team of expert cleaners. Leveraging their vast experience in the field, our cleaning staff make a special effort to effectively understand the office premises along with your personal requirements and accordingly deliver an exceptional service to your offices in Coventry.

At GCC, we completely acknowledge how critical it is to maintain a good office environment as it directly impacts employee productivity and satisfaction. Whether your office is small or large in size, it does not matter. Our professional team of cleaners are fully equipped with the knowledge to deliver an optimal cleaning solution for your business in Coventry.


We’ve been using GCC to clean our office for a few years. I hope I never have to find a different company!
Hannah, Director
I work in a very busy surgery in Coventry, and with people coming in and out all day, it needs to be cleaned at the end of each day. GCC make sure it’s all done properly.
Tony, Surgery Staff
Where would I be without GCC?! They’ve been such a massive help to me and my business over the past few months. Really recommend.
Dom, Small Business Owner