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Croydon Office and Commercial Cleaning Services

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GCC are a facilities management company providing the highest possible quality commercial and office cleaning services to businesses throughout Croydon. Catering to all different types of companies, from smaller offices to larger commercial buildings, we offer tailored cleaning solutions that suit your needs. With more than 40 years behind us in the industry, we have the experience and expertise to handle any situation and provide you with outstanding results.

Why choose GCC Commercial Cleaning

  • All GCC team members are trained in the best cleaning methods including colour coded cleaning, Health & Safety and COSHH as well as environmental training.

  • Each site has a tailor-made cleaning specification to meet client requirements; working in partnership to find the best solution.

  • All team members are sourced and managed locally.

  • Our business model may be able to save VAT exempt companies up to 20% off our services.

  • Our contract retention rate is 90%, which means we have a lot of happy clients.

  • GCC provide a 24/7 customer service helpline ensuring that any issues that arise are resolved the following working day.

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Daily office cleaning

Some businesses in the Croydon area require cleaning on a daily basis. In this case, our daily cleaning for offices and businesses is the perfect solution to your needs. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient service that will provide great results and minimum disruption to your daily operations, get in touch.

Contract cleaning

Every business needs to be presentable, and keeping a well-maintained office environment is essential for employees, and for clients. That is why every business in the Croydon area requires professional and reliable cleaners to deliver exceptional results. Our contract cleaning arrangements allow you to have regular cleans at your office, arranged by you at a time that works.

We adhere to the highest standards of cleaning, always delivering a tailor-made service to each one of our clients. No two companies are the same, and so the approach to cleaning must be unique. With our contract cleaning, we ensure that your business will always be maintained to a high standard.


GCC have been cleaning my office for a few months and it always looks great when I come in in the morning.

Daniel, Receptionist

I was searching everywhere for a good cleaning company, and then a friend recommended GCC to us. I’m so glad we chose GCC as they clean everything really well and are also really nice to work with.

James, Manager

GCC come in weekly to clean the whole of my building and they do a really great job, every time, without fail. They really are a great company.

Caroline, Building Owner