Image of man's hands typing. Selective focusHow many times have we heard that there are more germs on your computer keyboard, desk phone or mobile keypad than on a toilet seat? I know, it’s disgusting.

To get rid of any loose particles you might want to try:

Simply tipping your computer keyboard and gently tapping the hard shell on the desk will dislodge any crumbs and dust.

A can of compressed air will work well but make sure first that the debris isn’t aimed at a colleague’s desk!

An alternative is to fold a Post-It note (or similar) so that the sticky panel is on the outside and run it between the keys – any stubborn particles will stick to the note.

Although these tips will dislodge what you can see, the main problem is germs, the bit you can’t see.

Make sure your cleaner is using a commercial grade telephone sanitiser regularly and with correct training to ensure they do not compromise the equipment. This will work well for keyboards and desk phone keypads.

Using an antibacterial wipe or a commercial grade telephone sanitiser is recommended for your mobile phone by most network providers.