Vertical blinds have become an elegant and classy design touch in office spaces and homes throughout the UK. Both functional and stylish, they provide privacy and a straight-lined clean and professional finish.

Unless you have them in your home or are a business owner, what you don’t know about vertical blinds is that they can be a pain to clean. The difficulty comes from their many individual pieces, their type of fabric and their length, especially in tall rooms.

Just because these blinds are difficult to clean, it doesn’t mean you should put it off.

Why Learn How to Clean Vertical Blinds?

Commercial settings need to keep up with their cleaning duties to give off a professional image. When partners, clients or potential employees walk into a dirty or grubby office, it gives a bad impression. With your blinds being such big features within the office space, it is hard to not notice when they are dirty. Make sure your whole office is sparkling clean if you want to get the handshake, secure deals and attract talented professionals.

Blinds may deserve even more cleaning attention than other office furniture because they aren’t just seen by those entering your premises. Potential customers walking past your commercial building may see your dirty blinds and put them off entering, losing you potential business.

How to Clean Fabric Vertical Blinds

Below are some of the best ways to clean vertical fabric blinds. Use just one method or combine them to get even better results. You may need a ladder depending on the length of your blinds. 

  1. The Washing Machine
  2. Not all fabric blinds but many designs can be detached and put in the washing machine to be washed just like your fabric clothes. Just be careful to pay attention to manufacturing guidelines, including temperature, cycle speed and any other prerequisites before loading up. 

    It is often advised that the blinds are placed inside a pillowcase when using the washing machine to protect them and to protect the machine.  

  3. Dusting the Blinds
  4. Vertical blinds are better than horizontal blinds when it comes to withstanding dust. Those horizontal models usually end up dustier through their design, but that doesn’t mean vertical blinds are immune from dust.

    Running a duster over your blinds in a downward motion is advised. It is always best to brush downwards so you can let gravity also do its thing – and don’t use a feather duster for this task because it will not be as effective.

  5. Hoovering Fabric Blinds
  6. You can also hoover your blinds to free them from dirt. To do this you must use the bristle nozzle of your hoover and always hoover downwards. Hoovering upwards could cause the hoover to stick to the blinds and remove it from the hook at the top. Rather than covering yourself in unhooked blinds, it is best to hoover down in a slow fashion. Don’t forget the reverse side!

  7. Microfibre Cloths
  8. A popular method with little required is to get a bowl of slightly soapy water and dip in a microfibre cloth. Use this cloth to wipe down your fabric blinds from top to bottom. Alternatively, you can always spot clean the blinds in areas that have stains or are looking worn.

    A top tip is to not apply to much pressure when wiping fabric blinds with a microfibre cloth. Cleaning too hard can fray the fabric and make it look tired and worse.

  9. Run a Bath!
  10. Earlier we mentioned putting the blinds in the laundry pile and letting the machine do its magic. If this is not advised in your make of blinds or is something you don’t want to try, cleaning them in a bathtub may be a better option.

    Simply unhook them and put them in a warm bathtub with soapy water. Note, this method will take longer as they will need a day or two to completely dry out. If you dry them outside make sure they are firmly secured because they could get damaged easily.

  11. The Lateral Technique
  12. Many of the options above require you to be on a ladder and clean the blinds while standing or moving frequently. For a more relaxing way to clean fabric blinds, consider removing them all from their hooks and laying them flat before starting to clean with a cloth or a product used to remove hair and dirt from fabric clothes.

  13. Don’t Forget the Headrail!
  14. Keeping the blinds clean is great for keeping up appearances, but cleaning them should also protect their functionality. To do this, you need to ensure the headrail is clean and well-maintained.

    The best option for this is to add silicone spray. This product will make sure the rail remains lubricated for when the blinds are adjusted, allowing them to run smooth along the rail. When adding this spray do it without the blinds attached because if it gets onto the fabric it could cause a stain.

  15. Use Professional Cleaning Companies
  16. For the best possible results, you could always take the blinds to a professional cleaner who knows how to clean fabric blinds correctly. This option may be a little more expensive than the DIY options listed above, but the results are likely to be better.

    You could also call in cleaners to clean the blinds on-site at a time that works for your schedule – but more on that in just a second.

What If You Don’t Have the Time to Clean Your Blinds?

Not every business owner has the time to clean their commercial spaces, and especially not their fabric blinds which can be time-consuming to make sparkle. In these instances, it may be more cost-effective and beneficial to outsource the responsibility to a professional cleaning company.

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