How To Remove Tea and Coffee Stains

With over 1,500 chain coffee shops in London, not to mention the numerous independents, it's no secret that we Brits love our caffeine. It’s inevitable that in every workplace, at some point, tea or coffee will be spilt. Not only will precious, well-needed caffeine go to waste but a second of clumsiness can often lead [...]

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What’s The Big Deal with Going Green?

At GCC Facilities Management, we are constantly working with suppliers to provide more environmentally friendly cleaning methods and products to support our commercial cleaning services. We also ensure these services are offered throughout the UK, including our office cleaning services in London. It is more imperative than ever that every business does their part to [...]

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How to Clean an Office the Right Way (Ultimate Guide)

Not many businesses put that much thought into office cleaning, something that often comes back to haunt them. As a business owner, you always stand to gain a lot more by having a clean office. Not only does a neat and tidy office space look more visually appealing, but it also makes a good impression [...]

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5 Methods to Clean a Stained Toilet

Cleaning a toilet is one of those essential jobs that can seem a little daunting, but with the right equipment and a few clever tricks, like knowing how to clean toilet bowls with coke, it’s a task that can be done quickly and easily.  Whether you’re keeping things fresh at home or making sure your [...]

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5 Ways to Clean a Computer Mouse

When you’re working in an office, one of the areas that can be overlooked when cleaning is the actual equipment in use, particularly computer mouses. From the mouse itself to the mouse pad and the equipment around it, your computer mouse is often something that can be overlooked when you think about cleaning your desk. [...]

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Ultimate guide to cleaning a computer screen

If you spend any time on your computer, you've probably noticed that your screen can become rather filthy over time. Not knowing how to clean a computer screen is usually what puts most people off doing so. Many people are afraid that they'll damage their monitor by cleaning it, which simply isn't true if you [...]

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8-step guide to deep cleaning your kitchen

Office kitchens are heavily used; most employees have at least one meal in there during the course of the day, and sometimes as many as two or three, depending on their working hours. And, of course, little time is given to clean-up after meals as the employee will be needing to get back to the [...]

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How To Clean Windows You Can’t Reach

Windows need work to keep them clean and sparkling. With the gloomy days and dark nights still firmly set in until spring has sprung, maximising daylight and ensuring your home or workplace feels fresh and bright can well depend on how spotless the windows, skylights, frames and sills are. Natural light makes us feel better [...]

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7 Ways to Get Your Keyboard Sparkly Clean

Computer maintenance is important not only to protect the computer and its value, but to also give a professional image. If you have business partners or clients coming to your desk, a tidy and clean environment is key - pardon the pun. Start by making sure your keyboard is sparkling clean to give the right [...]

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8 Best Ways To Clean Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds have become an elegant and classy design touch in office spaces and homes throughout the UK. Both functional and stylish, they provide privacy and a straight-lined clean and professional finish. Unless you have them in your home or are a business owner, what you don’t know about vertical blinds is that they can [...]

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