Day Nursery & After School Club Cleaning Services

GCC Facilities Management have been providing exceptional day nursery and after school club cleaning services for more than 40 years. Throughout this time our team of highly experienced cleaners have worked for a number of different educational institutes that includes: day care, nurseries, after-school clubs and tuition centres. This experience allows us to understand exactly what institutions within the educational sector require regarding their cleaning services.

As a result, if you are looking for a day nursery cleaner you can expect a service that is second to none. Our experience and standard of cleaning mean that we will deliver outstanding results for your institution:

  • We work hours that are flexible and convenient for you. We understand your busy needs as professionals so catering to you is important for us.
  • Cleaning and sanitising is of extremely high importance to us – we understand that educational institutes need to be kept as clean as possible in order to restrict the spread of germs.

  • We have the equipment in place to complete hard floor maintenance quickly and at a very high standard.

  • We have experience working with clients who may have confidential files or paperwork on desks.

  • Our experienced team pay close attention when cleaning around paperwork, ensuring paper is left on a clean and dry surface and not unnecessarily disturbed. We know just how frustrating it can be when papers are moved around without people being made aware.

Often people fail to see just how important cleaning services are and the impact they have on both the children and their parents. Creating the best possible environment for children is extremely important running an institution within the education sector. Parents aren’t likely to have much confidence in a school that isn’t able to maintain a high level of cleanliness so contact GCC today and we will take care of all your education and school cleaning services.

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