Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services

On average, an employee takes just under 5 sick days a year and this could be because of poor office hygiene. Work absences from bacteria-related illness, such as e-coli, are largely picked up in the workplace from unsanitary equipment, such as keyboards and phones.

With many of us sharing office items, it’s no wonder sickness can spread quickly through your workforce. That’s why at GCC Facilities Management, we use our experience of over 40 years to ensure first-rate results to reduce these risks as much as possible. Our office cleaning services are based on three key factors, people, training and flexibility.

Commercial Office Cleaning Services

Here at GCC Facilities Management, we are always looking for ways to improve our services and we listen to our clients to adapt and improve our services, some of which include:

General cleaning services-vacuuming, mopping, dusting, those essential tasks that keep up the appearance and hygiene of your office are fully taken care of.

  • Kitchen cleaning- from doing the dishes, wiping down surfaces and tackling the notorious shared microwave, every aspect of your kitchen space will be left fully clean and sanitised.
  • Washroom services- toilets, sinks and showers are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria and we will make sure that your washrooms are left in the best condition possible.
  • Glass cleaning – windows, doors and mirrors can quickly become unsightly if not properly taken care of, we leave a sparkling, streak-free finish every time.
  • Consumable products- take the worry out of restocking your office by letting us do it for you. Toilet paper, hand towels, soaps and bin bags and more can be provided, we never settle for second-rate with their quality.
  • Floor maintenance- whether you have carpet, tiles or hardwood floors, we know how to care for them properly and remove all manner of stains.
  • Desk cleaning- the dirtiest areas of our office are our desks and the items that sit on them. We clean these as often as required and combine our specialist knowledge to ensure there is no damage to your important equipment.

Deep Cleaning Services

Whether you need a deep clean after an event or an enhanced service for a spring clean, we know how important attention to detail is when cleaning your building.

We leave no stone unturned, in addition to our standard service, we can tailor your deep clean to include items many can forget about.

Light switches, door handles, handrails, photocopiers, printers are common office items that are frequently used and touched that need a professional finish to ensure nothing nasty is spread throughout your employees.

If sickness is spreading through your office, we can be on hand to provide a thorough preventative clean to ensure your man-hours aren’t reduced from staff being unable to work.
All these cleans are carried out to the highest standards, with NHS colour coding methodology to prevent any risk of cross-contamination. This always includes all touchpoints, windows (inside and out), food preparation areas, furniture and surface and toilets.

If disaster does strike your office, we also provide decontamination cleans. We achieve this with the uses of Bio-fogging, a wet or dry mist that eliminates pathogens that conventional cleaning can not reach.

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    Our Products

    Our own branded hard surface cleaner decontaminates with the use of an antibacterial agent and is also a surfactant. By acting as both, this reduces the two-step PHE and WHO recommended protocol for cleaning which reduces time, resources and impact on our environment.

    For a deep clean, we use a Hypochlorite based blend to increase its benefits as an additional disinfectant and deodoriser.

    Our biocidal fogging disinfectant has been tested and proven to be effective against all bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores while of course still being safe to use with the added bonus of being fully biodegradable.

    Your image is crucial for potential clients and suppliers and an untidy work environment can leave you with a bad image. A well-presented office space can establish the image you want to portray to others.

    Call our team today on 0808 169 7289 for a no-obligation quote and to begin building your own tailored cleaning programme.

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    The GCC Facilities Management Benefits

    Not only is a clean office environment important for our physical wellbeing but it can significantly improve our mental wellbeing and increase staff productivity. A clean workplace can help improve focus and raise staff morale.


    I am delighted with the ongoing service GCC provide to our practice. Not only is all cleaning carried out to specification but we can now evidence this to CQC. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

    Emma, Practice Manager

    Our office is cleaner than it has ever been and our stone floors look good enough to eat off of. No more frantic tidying up when we have clients in.

    Samuel, Office Manager

    GCC come into our offices on a weekly basis and always deliver impeccable results, I honestly don’t know what we’d do without them.

    Olivia, Office Manager