Managed Building Cleaning Services

Whether you are responsible for the cleaning services for all spaces of a multi-occupancy building or just the communal areas, GCC Facilities Management can help you to maintain the highest levels of cleaning that your tenant expects.

We have experience in delivering services on behalf of commercial landlords to individual tenants as well as the shared spaces such as stairs, lifts, reception areas, corridors and washrooms.

  • General cleaning – offices, reception and waiting areas

  • Hardwood floor maintenance and carpet cleaning

  • Office and cubicle cleaning including phones and exposed surface disinfection

  • Commercial cleaning and disinfecting of washrooms

  • Provisioning of all washroom services and supplies

  • Dusting sales racks and displays

  • Upholstery cleaning
  • General sweeping and power washing of parking area

  • Jet washing of facias and car park signs

We take pride in the quality of service we deliver, just as your agency prides itself in the office space it manages and services you provide. All of our operatives have extensive training and experience in all areas of cleaning, which are suited to your managed properties.

Floor cleaning and maintenance programme

Extending the life of flooring in particular, is critical in managed properties. Your local Area Manager will be happy to discuss a comprehensive floor cleaning programme to enhance the quality of the floor’s appearance, and ultimately ensure the longevity of the floor through proper care.

All of these elements combine to ensure that your floors create the best setting for your managed building services.

The positive first impression created promotes not only a good workplace environment but also a good feeling for all tenants, their staff and clients who enter your doors.

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    National and Multisite Groups

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