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GCC Facilities Management are specialists in the commercial cleaning services industry and we have been cleaning offices in the legal and accountancy sectors across the UK for over 40 years. In legal, our cleaning ranges from traditional barristers chambers all the way to large scale ‘no win, no fee’ admin centres. In accountancy, we cater to firms large and small, and tailor our services to your needs, depending on the size.

What does that mean in practice? Well, it means that we know how the legal and accounting industries function and therefore what you require from your cleaners:

We work hours that are convenient to you.
We appreciate that clients may have confidential files or paperwork on desk.
We go to great lengths to ensure paper is left on a clean and dry surfaces, and left undisturbed.

“As a busy practice it’s essential that we feel confident to leave the cleaning in his hands and, not only is it done, but it’s done well. I am happy to recommend GCC as a cleaning supplier to other legal practices.”

~ Kelly, Watson Woodhouse Solicitors

Often people fail to realise just how much of an impact clean, smart premises can have for a firm. Creating a great first impression is absolutely key, as a potential client or important visitor isn’t likely to be impressed with a business which is unable to organise itself. Essentially, if you want clients to put their trust in you or follow your advice on important matters, they’ll want to see your firm running like a well-oiled machine. With cleanliness, that’s where we step in. Whether you are an accountancy or legal firm, our dependable and experienced staff of cleaners will provide you with a more than satisfactory service. You’ll be positively delighted by our work.

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