Daily Cleaning Services

Daily Office Cleaning Services

Why you should use GCC Facilities Management for your Daily Office Cleaning Services.

Continuously neglecting daily office cleaning could have severely negative consequences for your business in the medium and long term in terms of health and safety.

For over 40 years GCC has been providing daily office cleaning services for businesses across the UK. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach – each business is unique and all have their specific daily cleaning needs. We strive to tailor a daily office cleaning service to provide our clients with the best service, suiting the type of their business.

We recognise that a clean office environment is crucial to the development of modern and effective organisation. Cleanliness not only has a direct effect on a company’s brand image and client perception, but also has a major role to play for employee health and well-being. It can directly influence productivity through the prevention of (sick) absences from work.

Daily Office Cleaners

We have a highly trained team of passionate and dedicated office cleaners that deliver our daily office cleaning services to your business location. Our service location include London, Glasgow, Bristol, Manchester and  Birmingham. Click here to see a full list of our service locations.

Our cleaning executives are highly trained in the latest cleaning technologies and are insured appropriately. Our specialist office cleaners understand general office procedures including storages, note taking (notepads worktables, etc), filling and general work protocol. This understanding is translated into our procedures when we clean your work environment.

At GCC, we offer flexible cleaning schedules that work efficiently to ensure the absolute minimal disruption to the workplace. If you are looking for a reputable, experienced and established company, then we can provide you with a no hassle, peace of mind solution.

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    National and Multisite Groups

    We currently work with a number of national and multi-site groups in this sector. For more information on how we can work with you, please click the button below.


    I have to say I am truly amazed by the only other review since I have always had a wonderful service from this company…their service is fantastic, they are easy to talk to and willing to help in every way they can…definitely top-notch!…

    Carolyn Reilly

    I use GCC for the cleaning of the business that I run on the outskirts of Leeds. My cleaners have excellent standards and are very reliable. They will often help out with extra little jobs while they are on site.

    Pete White

    My company hired GCC to clean our practices on a bi-weekly basis. I couldn’t be happier with the job they have done. The kitchen is spotless and their hard floor maintenance is incredible, I feel proud when patients comment on how great the place is looking.

    Marc Gorman