Health and Safety

Health and Safety is taken very seriously at GCC Facilities Management.

To ensure that all aspects of our Health and Safety processes and procedures are correct we have achieved the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety accreditation. Coupled with that, we also engage professional advisors, Ellis Whittam, who not only helped us in establishing all Health and Safety matters, they audit any processes and keep us up to date with legislative changes.

Each department has a representative on the Health and Safety committee who disseminates information to his/her team as well as updates in newsletters and communications.

Health and Safety on site is managed through initial training, and then a regular on- site inspection by the Quality Management team who will complete detailed checklists and take any remedial action as required.

Every new site or workplace environment has to have a risk assessment completed before any work can start. A copy of the signed risk assessment is always kept on site. If any changes occur at the site which in any way invalidate the risk assessment, then another has to take place. The risk assessments are reviewed regularly.

In order to disseminate the information to the direct workforce, our operational method statements are issued to all staff at the commencement of a job (with copies held on site). These show not only the correct methods to carry out the work , but also how to do so safely. Copies are provided for every member of staff on each job.

Method Statements, the Risk Assessment and COSHH Safety Data sheets are held on each premise in the GCC Facilities Management Site Book.

All products used by GCC Facilities Management are from approved suppliers and come with COSHH data sheets. In every case a safety data sheet is also provided. Copies of the sheets are kept on site – wherever the products that apply to the COSHH regulations are stored.

A fundamental part of the training for all staff is the understanding and compliance with COSHH regulations and the correct use of PPE.

Please click here for a copy of GCC Facilities Management’s Health and Safety Policy Statement.

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